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YouTubers Now Need 1K Subscribers And 4K Watch Time Hours To Make Money

According to a report by The Verge, YouTube is now tightening the requirements channels must meet in order to monetize, or attach ads to, their video content. Previously, one needed 10,000 public views (without regard to an annual viewing hour requirement) in order to join YouTube's covered Partner Program. In a statement on YouTube's blog, the video sharing company stated that these new higher standards will help prevent "potentially inappropriate videos from monetizing which can hurt revenue for everyone." 

Read More pledges $50 million “creator fund” to older demographic is launching new initiatives for creators after its recent acquisition by Chinese social media giant Toutiao, one of which being a $50 million dollar fund devoted to “invest[ing] in education, training and community enrichment” on the platform. This fund will target creators on college campuses to help develop new talent and invest in video storytelling and digital media programs.

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Social Media Influencers React To Net Neutrality Repeal

On Thursday, the F.C.C. voted to repeal Net Neutrality, or the rules regulating the companies that connect consumers to the internet. This legislative change will drastically change the way in which social media influencers at large will interact with their loyal followers-turned-consumers. With the repeal of Net Neutrality, webpages will likely take longer to load (an approximate increase from 1 to 3 seconds) as high-speed internet delivery will now be commodified, which will likely result in consumers bouncing, or leaving, desired sites more quickly than before. 

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