Explorest App Launches In US, Bringing Creators New Monetization Opportunities

Whether you’re a photographer, a content creator, or an avid adventurer at large, you’ve probably gained a wealth of information on countless cool photo spots through your hours of working and exploring. With the Explorest app, you can now get paid to share your expertise and insights.

On April 23rd, over 100 locations in California launched on the app, with many more locations across major US cities to follow throughout 2018.

Explorest is the only technology of its kind that provides users with insider information on how to scout and shoot the world’s best photo locations at the touch of their fingertips.

“Our Explorests, who are local photographers and notable travel influencers, are constantly asked by fans and followers where they take their shots and how best to find, and get to, the most beautiful locations,” said Explorest CEO Justin Myers. “The accumulation of these insights is a result of countless hours exploring, so we wanted to create a platform where our contributing Explorests can actually earn money by sharing this insider intel. Explorest’s users appreciate and trust the curated content, and it saves them time from having to research places on their own.”

California Explorests include globally recognized photography and travel creators that many know from Instagram, plus up-and-coming talents, including Eric Rubens (@erubes1), Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie), Scott Borrero (@scottborrero), Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber), Simon Timbers (@uwo), Lisa Bao (@lisabao), Sam Graves (@thesamgraves), Peter Carey (@peteracarey), Brad Romano (@bradromano), and Explorest co-founder Michael Lax (@michaellaxphoto).

Receiving a 4.5 star rating in the app store after its Singapore launch in 2017, Explorest’s expansion to the US will bring new opportunities for creators, and an exclusive archive of content for users to discover.

“There are so many details that go into a shot that are really hard to capture,” said Eric Rubens, Explorests’ Chief of Partnerships and a Laguna-based photographer. “Explorest is looking to jump into that lack-of-information void and provide people with the tools they need for photos and destinations.”

With its user-friendly interface, navigating different locations on the app couldn’t be simpler. From GPS coordinates and camera field tips, to real-time weather updates and magic hour data, Explorest shares all the essentials to ensure you’re able to capture the perfect shot.


However, one of the most unique and important components of the app’s business model is its design to reward the community of Explorests creators for their time and contributions.

“We strongly believe in supporting and fairly compensating the photographers, creatives, and explorers who spend their days out in the field discovering and sharing these beautiful locations with the community,” said Myers.

Contributing Explorests receive 50% of the app’s subscription revenue every month, enabling them to earn royalty income simply by sharing Location Insights. The monthly payout, which is distributed through PayPal, is determined by user engagement on each of their locations. The more engagement a location receives, the higher the payout. You can read more about how revenue share is calculated here.

So, how do you become an ‘Explorest’? The majority of creators are invited to contribute on the platform, but you can also apply. You don’t have to have thousands of Instagram followers, or the most high-tech camera gear to share your shots, but your photos do need to meet the required criteria. All applications are reviewed by a team of professional photographers to maintain a premium catalog of locations.

“The biggest thing for us is getting high quality content on the app,” said Rubens. “If your iPhone shot is captivating and expressive, more power to you. We want Explorest to be as universal as possible.”

While the app is photography heavy, providing users all the information they need for the perfect shot, Explorest is not solely designed for creators.

“There are tons of people who just want a cool sunset shot and don’t care about the gear used,” said Rubens, “or some people want to take photos in cool places to remember their trip. We want to cater to everyone.”

In the future, Explorest hopes to expand its curated recommendations beyond photo locations. Rubens discussed the app’s pursuit to partner with hotels, airlines, and restaurants around the world.

“We want this app to be an in-room resource, so, right when you check into your hotel, you can download Explorest and read local expert recommendations of the best things to do in the city,” said Rubens. “From cool photo ops, to the most viral or unique dining opportunities, must-see architecture and exhibits, and anything else that would appeal to the travel adventurist crowd. We want Explorest to do it all. The sky’s the limit, really.”

Where in the world will Explorest take you next?

New York and Hong Kong are just a couple of new locations users can look forward to launching on the app this year. Follow @explorest to stay up to date on the latest location drops and other insider news.