Will Instagram Release A New Portrait Mode Feature?

With Snapchat’s update still under fire, Instagram seems to be testing out ways to one-up its top competitor with a new feature to add alongside Boomerang and Superzoom — portrait mode.

Credit: TechCrunch

Credit: TechCrunch

After decompiling Instagram’s Android Application Package (APK), a file named ‘portrait shutter’ was found within the various camera modes for Stories. While nothing has been announced regarding the release of a new feature, the icon’s name and graphic are leading many to believe that a portrait mode filter is in the works, according to TechCrunch.

With only the file name to go on, there’s no way to know exactly what a portrait feature would entail. The portrait mode on an iPhone 7 Plus enables depth effect and blurred backgrounds. Even more advanced are the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which display a range of portrait mode options like contour and studio lighting.

After hearing the news of the icon appearing on Android versions of Instagram, developers were also able to find the same feature in iOS within hours of the discovery.

While Instagram has yet to validate these findings, we do know that the creative possibilities this update could add to the Stories camera would be far more advanced than any features Snapchat currently has. To stay relevant, Instagram needs to continue to evolve, and portrait mode could be the perfect way to get users more engaged with Stories.