Twitter Is Focusing On Increasing Female, Black and Latinx Representation

In a press release by Twitter’s VP of Intersectionality, Culture, and Diversity (ICD), Candi Castleberry-Singleton on Friday, Twitter announced that they've met or surpassed many of their internal diversity goals. As part of this announcement, they revealed that Twitter is now overall 38.4% female, 3.4% black, and 3.4% Latinx.

Twitter is currently shifting their goals to have a specific focus on increasing the presence of these demographics within a two-year period. By 2019, the company hopes to be 44% female, 5% black, and 5% Latinx. Twitter hopes this shift away from their annual goal practice will allow them to better assess their programs in place, develop new and better programs, and adapt their strategies along the way. That being said, they'll still be publicly reporting their progress.

In regards to descriptive representation, the tech sector has work to do. It's a field dominated by predominantly white men, and while many companies have been working to change that, some are going about solving this problem better than others. In her press release, Castleberry-Singleton said that Twitter has introduced a campaign called #GrowTogether to foster internal inclusivity as well as open engagement with leadership. However, while they're focused on building internal inclusivity and diversity, what about the social 'health' of the platform itself?

Recently, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, wrote a series of tweets effectively saying that the company has failed to meet the users’ expectations to a civil and open forum. As a beginning to a solution, he announced: “We’re committing to helping increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation around the world, and to hold ourselves publicly accountable toward progress. By measuring our contribution to the overall health of the public conversation, we believe we can more holistically approach and measure our impact on the world for years to come.”

As part of this process, Twitter is accepting project proposals on how to best monitor Twitter’s health until April 13th. Twitter will be announcing the first of these projects in July.

They've also taken a more grassroots approach to celebrate diversity for users through a number of global campaigns, including #HereWeAre, #SheInspiresMe, #HispanicHeritageMonth, #BlackHistory Month, #PrideIsHappening, and #ForTheCulture.

These are movements that influencers can and should get behind. Poet Denice Frohman developed an original poem for the #SheInspiresMe campaign. That poem ran as an ad during the Oscars this year. In a post-Time’s Up world, we should all strive for equality and representation on our social platforms. We live in a time where our voices can matter more than they ever have before. Why shouldn’t we try to use them to make a difference?