The Insta360 One Camera Adopts Insane FlowState Stabilization Features

The Insta360 One, a 4K 360 camera with a direct connection for iPhone or Android phones, now supports something the company is calling “FlowState Stabilization.” This feature will allow you to capture “hypnotically smooth video, no matter what you’re doing,” according to the company’s website. This feature comes in a firmware update for the camera along with two new tools to make fix-frame video editing more intuitive.

These new tools allow you to create transition points in the 360-degree footage that allow you to create smooth pans across more standard landscape and portrait footage. Because the camera captures all of its surroundings, the user doesn't have to worry about angle changes as you’re filming. Along with transition points, the update is adding active tracking, making the Insta360 much more suitable for action sports and adventure shooting.

In addition to these two new tools, the Insta360 One is getting a hyper lapse feature. Instagram has an app that allows you to do this with your phone, but because of the 360-degree capture with the Insta360, you are able to manually direct the camera in post-production. With the Insta360 you’re able to create dynamic hyper lapses like the one in this video.

All of these features are being pushed out via an update to the app and a firmware upgrade for the camera itself. The camera’s price point remains unchanged at $299, which is an incredible value for the feature set. The Insta360 is incredibly easy to use, attaches directly to your phone, and has a standard tripod sure mount in its base. It also has a waterproof housing available for purchase for $50.

If you’re looking for a camera that you can hit record on and forget about angles, then this is the camera for you.