SocialRank's New Product Helps Creators Track Tweet Virality

By: Sofia Caputo

SocialRank, the audience segmentation tool for Twitter and Instagram, has released a new product that's helping creators understand why tweets go viral. 

Entitled SocialRank For Content, users can now identify exactly when a follower is engaging on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. With updated granular analytics tools, including an engagement-metric timeline, brands, marketers, and influencers alike are able to better understand the nitty-gritty details of their content performance. 

For Twitter in particular, users can now understand how and why a certain tweet took off by reconstructing the exact point of inflection when the post gained traction. For Instagram, on the other hand, the new tools will optimize comment management. Now users can understand which comments on their Instagram posts should be the priority to engage with, based on the following of who posted them. 

Until now, SocialRank has been doing this on a basic level. You plug in an account and you get a SocialRank report showing data on your most influential followers. Knowing this information is valuable, but doesn’t necessarily help a creator increase their engagement, which is why co-founder Alex Taub was ready to take this product to the next level.

SocialRank for Content is still in beta testing with a limited group of users, but you can request a free demo of the new software here