Should Creators Rethink Snapchat As User Satisfaction Begins To Falter?

If Instagram hasn’t already surpassed Snapchat, there’s a good chance it’s about to.

Over the weekend, Snapchat rolled out its biggest app redesign yet since its launch in 2011, and the controversy over it is causing a bigger uproar than the Chipotle E. coli breakout of 2016.

The app is now separated into two sections: friend content displayed on the left side, and media content on the right. Not only has the display been altered, but the functionality of the app has been changed drastically as well. Many users claim they've lost streaks with their friends because they couldn’t even figure out how to send a snap.

Over 1.3 million Twitter users circulated a fake tweet by user Isaac Svobodny, which stated Snapchat would revert back to the old layout if it hit enough retweets. Even though people knew it was nothing more than a jestful hoax, their efforts were in hopes to make Snapchat aware that its users are unhappy.


Even celebrities are speaking out about the new Snapchat layout. Kylie Jenner, who posts hundreds of seconds of her beauty products, clothing line, and daily updates to her Snapchat story, shared via Twitter that she isn’t the biggest fan of the update.

Chrissy Teigen also took to Twitter saying, “I liked that you guys felt like we were friends [at Snapchat]. I’m sad it doesn’t feel like that anymore. How many people have to hate an update for it to be reconsidered?”


Echoing Teigen, Snapchat has always been a viable platform for creators to connect with their followers. From sharing travel adventures to promoting products and sponsored ads, Snapchat has been a powerful tool for top-tier celebrities to micro-influencers alike to engage with their audiences.

Instagram Stories also received backlash when they were released in 2016. But, with features such as “swipe-ups,” boomerangs, fun filters, and the live video option, Instagram has become increasingly more accessible for creators to share and promote their content. In fact, according to a new Twitter sentiment analysis reported on by CNBC, Instagram Story usage intent has jumped nearly 477% since Snapchat’s redesign, as almost 80% of all tweets about the platform's new layout are currently negative. 

Given Snapchat’s disappointing attempt to revamp an appealing interface for its users, Instagram Stories may be the new “it” way for creators to share experiences.