Fake Vine 2.0 Apps Are Circulating The iOS Store

By: Alyssa Jorgensen

In a tweet posted yesterday, Vine founder Dom Hofmann called out the emergence of fake V2 apps that have been released on the iOS Store and are circulating the internet.


These V2 impersonations come after months of teaser tweets from the Vine founder, foreshadowing a major comeback for the 6-second video sharing platform that rose to sensational prominence in 2012 and subsequently demised in 2016.

One of the fake V2 applications in question has been promoting itself through an Instagram account entitled 'v2application.' Garnering over 15K followers, it has been running ads throughout the photo sharing service to promote its 'launch' on iOS. The link in it's Instagram bio redirects users to an application in the iOS store, donning the branding of a white backdrop with a small, slightly-tiled gold crown and the slogan 'Show your funny side.' The company who launched the app is Shoutaway Invest AB, a Swedish investments organization run by Theodor Tell.

It also has a specific call to action for influencers in the description section, stating: 'If you want to become a huge V2-Star, that's awesome - we'd love to help you out. Please contact us at hello@v2app.co and introduce yourself, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.'

V2 impersonation on iOS store

V2 impersonation on iOS store

  For updates on the real-deal's launch, keep up with the new V2 Twitter account.


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