In the last few years, the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) has put the pressure onto influencers (specifically on Instagram) and mandating that they use the hashtags #ad or #paid in brand partnership-related posts.  

The reasoning behind this is to prevent fraudulent behavior, and deter influencers from posting negative reviews regarding a competitor product in exchange of payment.

Kevin James Bennett, a renowned Emmy Award-winning makeup artist addresses this very issue in a recent Instagram post. Bennett claims that an influencer had offered to post negative reviews or “trash” a competing product to Bennett’s products for $75,000-85,000.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.05.19 PM.png

He states:

A brand I consulted with asked me to inquire about working with a top-level beauty influencer. The influencer's management offered me these options: 

1) $25K - product mention in a multi-branded product review. 
2) $50K-$60K - dedicated product review (price determined by length of video). 
3) $75K-$85K - dedicated negative review of a competitor's product (price determined by length of video). 
4) A minimum 10% affiliate link or code to use on IG and YT. 

Yes, option #3 is legit - payment to damage the competition's business. I told you it was mob-like behavior. 

The demands and threats of "influencers" and their management have GOT TO STOP. The lack of disclosure by top-level influencers is FRAUD and it's time for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to step in, start charging fines and shut this bullsh*t down. 

To the followers/subs who STILL refuse to believe their idols are thugs - pull your head out of your favorite beauty influencer's ass and SEE what's actually going on in this industry.

This Instagram post was made in response to a YouTube video created by influencer, Marlena Stell, ho has over 2 million YouTube subscribers. In a video entitled “My truth regarding the beauty community,” Stell admits that her company has struggled over the past year with finding influencers to rep her products. 

Bennet’s post reached many othes. In a video entitled “GETTING PAID $85,000 FOR A NEGATIVE REVIEW,” PrettyPastelPlease unveils some of the secrets behind being an influencer.

 "That is all 100 percent true,” she said, in reference to Bennett’s post. “And I know that's true because I have seen exactly all of this from two standpoints: I have seen it from an influencer point of view as an influencer myself, but I also worked in marketing in my full time job and I have actually been on the end of the marketing companies that work with the influencers that charge this sort of money. And I have seen exactly what he said where companies are willing to pay people to put down other products to make theirs look better.”