Viacom Buys Whosay, Bringing Big Data To The Influencer Space

By: Alyssa Jorgensen

Viacom, the multinational media mogul that owns cable giants such as MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Comedy Central, just bought the influencer marketing shop Whosay in a significant move to further boost their influencer reach, cross-channel distribution, and ability to market social-media campaigns. 

Whosay was initially founded in 2010 by CEO Steve Ellis to foster an exclusive network for celebrities. Today, the company has transformed into a creative-marketing agency that "powers influencer marketing campaigns for brands across all verticals and utilizes every level of celebrity and influencer."

This move is particularly exciting to see at the turn of 2018, as media titans are beginning to buy into the wild-west of the new-age influencer marketing space. For influencers in particular, this merge between heavyweight cable data and the more nuanced influencer territory could bring new and exciting opportunities for growth, creativity, and collaborations. 

"As a creator, this is something that really excites me," says LA-based Instagram creator and photographer Jaquory Lunsford, who helped establish the influencer marketing network and agency, H Collective. "To see the space grow and gain a new set of big-time players is always interesting, no matter if the outcome is negative or positive. It means that our space is being validated and noticed. The more people, the more notoriety for our community."

While Viacom's network with the world's most elite entertainment brands will most likely  benefit A-list, celebrity influencers at first, this merge could eventually manifest in increased exposure and longevity for the more organic "micro-influencer" community.