CuratedBy Is The New Social Media App To Rule Them All

CuratedBy is the new social platform that is, quite literally, the one link to rule them all. This application curates all of your social media posts, portfolios, websites, products, merchandise and more into one uniform feed to help its users better organize their independent links and to more effectively monetize their social media influence. 

This means that your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social app posts can live in the same place for you and your followers to stay up-to-date on. It can also host any sort of link that is relevant to your professional enterprises or personal endeavors. Whether you are a photographer hoping to simultaneously sell your new batch of presets and show off your professional portfolio, a writer wanting to systematically display your work that spans across multiple publications or social accounts, or a crafter needing to have your business Instagram and Etsy shop in the same place, the app can host diverse functions and mold its utilities to a variety of professions. 

Courtesy of CuratedBy | © Vyrl, Inc. 

Courtesy of CuratedBy | © Vyrl, Inc. 

Developed by a small team of coders and creators at GoVyrl, Inc. in Orange County, California, the CuratedBy app was concocted to help social media creators generate enough money to turn their entrepreneurial hobbies into full-time careers. 

David Perry, former Sony executive and now the CEO of GoVyrl, Inc., spoke on this new player in the social media sphere: "After 30-plus years in the video game industry, I just had to learn more about this evolving social media space. In the game industry, we always stood with the developers. Here, we stand with the creators, and we are building every piece of technology they ask for. CuratedBy is the most essential piece of technology they need to thrive right now." 

To sign up for CuratedBy, one "claims their name" on the site, connecting their page with their socials to set up their personally-syndicated feed. Next, users can begin adding any links, content or products to their profiles with their own graphics to make the online space their own. 

Notable Instagram and YouTube creators have already made use of the site, including Los Angeles-based fashion photographers Sam Dameshek, Krissy Saleh and Jerry Maestas

“It’s the first platform that allows me to easily put all my links, accounts and products in the same place," said Jaquory Lunsford, creator and Director of Influence at GoVyrl, Inc. "Not only that, but I am also able to make them fit my brand through personalized customization features.” 


Disclosure: CuratedBy is a product under Vyrl, Inc., the parent company presiding over Influencer News.