DJI's Anticipated Mavic Air Drone Leaks A Day Early, Promises 4K Movie Features

DJI's new Mavic Air drone is expected to be unveiled by the company tomorrow, but today images and specs of the drone were prematurely leaked by news outlet DroneDJ. 

image courtesy of  DroneDj

image courtesy of DroneDj

The model is as it's named: lighter, smaller and probably cheaper than its beloved predecessor, the 2016 Mavic Pro ($999), but jam-packed with some exciting new features. The leaked spec sheet reveals a 4K video capability (aligning with the Pro's video capabilities and an update from the DJI Spark's 1080p resolution), a panorama mode, a 32-megapixel camera, gesture control, obstacle-savvy sensory awareness, and a 21-minute flight time (a slight downgrade from the Pro's 30 minute flight time).

In regards to body size, predicted price, and capabilities, this model seems to fall somewhere in between the Mavic Pro and the DJI Spark ($499). Given its upgraded video capabilities and its probable economical pricing, this drone could very well skyrocket as a highly-demanded consumer product of 2018. 

Below is the direct list of the Air's need-to-know anticipated specs from DroneDJ's report: 

• 32-megapixel panorama mode (not a 32mp camera)

• 1/2.3 CMOS sensor and new ISP (Image Signal Processor)

• 4K video spec @ 60fps

• 3-way gimbal (upgrade from 2-way on Spark)

• Four foldable legs like the current Mavic Pro

• Obstacle-avoidance sensors in the front, bottom, and back

• Equipped with a VPS – Visual Positioning System for better control, hovering and indoor flying

• Gesture control

• 21-minute flight time

• It will be available in different matte colors: white, black and red we’ve seen so far

• Compatible with DJI Goggles