Samsung Foldable Smartphone "Galaxy X" Is In The Works

By: Alyssa Jorgensen

The smartphone industry is about to experience an evolutionary push of the envelope come November when Samsung Electronics will begin a mass-production of the world's first foldable smartphone. 

source:  The Investor

source: The Investor

According to South Korean news outlet The Investor, the phone, rumored to be named the "Galaxy X," will likely sport a 7.3-inch OLED screen that folds in on itself. The Korean tech conglomerate is currently testing the prototype to ensure the display's longevity against consistent folding for this pocket-sized, origamic machine. This design will likely allow for a smartphone by day, tablet by workday functionality for its users.

Though Samsung has not yet unveiled the innovative model over the course of CES 2018 this week in Las Vegas (their new, massive 146-inch television entitled "The Wall" stole the show instead), the development of the smartphone's display is set to begin in March, and it's mass-market debut is anticipated for December 2018 or early 2019.