The Social Media Insights Actually Matter For Influencers.

There's a heap of information that social platforms will give to you. With most platforms working to give you better analytics and business tools, it can sometimes be hard to look past the noise to see what stats and insights really matter. We're here to help you decipher it all and find out what clients and brands want to see:

1. Follow count - Obviously.

2. Average Post Engagement - Followers aren't important if they're not interacting with you. A dead audience is very unappealing, and usually is a sign of a fake account. Every platform is gonna have a different idea of what "good engagement" is, however this insight is what most brands or clients will look for when searching for an influencer.

3. Story Views - with most platforms having stories now, this can serve as a powerful way to run a 24 hour ad. On top of this, having the swipe up on Instagram increase engagement significantly, considering it's the most direct call-to-action any social platform has offered thus far.

4. Website Visits - The amount of traffic you can drive to a website is powerful for brands to see. They want to know just how well you'll be able to convert followers to sales.

Althought every social platform has different standards for what good engagement or follow count looks like, these are the insights that will add more value to your name. Whether a brand or another influencer is asking what your insights are, this list is the first thing you should be giving them! 

Alyssa Jorgensen