Learn Marketing Lingo

When working with brands and marketing specialists who’s job is to figure out how to best spend a marketing budget, it is imperative that an influencer shows their in-depth understanding of that specific industry. Marketing Managers are typically hoping to find someone that “gets it” and can speak their language. Here are a few concepts to learn and understand:

  1. ROI - Return on Investments: This is a business term that is typically used when addressing the growth or benefit of investing in something or someone.

  2. Conversion - Learn how many clicks on Instagram can translation into real sales.

  3. Partnership - This word shows that an influencer is more interested in something long-term and is more of a working relationship rather than attempting to get free product/money with no commitment.

These are a few concepts that will make an influencer stand apart from the rest. There are many more business and marketing concepts out there as well, so keep on researching!