Learn Photography Essentials

It can be difficult to stand apart by simply producing and posting content - unique content can be hard to come by in the age of social media influencers. However, it is a lot easier to stand out based on the quality of the content itself! Anyone can take a decent-enough cell phone picture and post in on Instagram, but not everyone understands the technicality behind taking a proper, professional looking photo using really photography equipment (like a DSLR of some sort).

Here are a few basics that an influencer should look at when curating a photo to be used on any social platform:


Whether the scene is indoors or outdoors, being intentional with lighting can drastically change the feel and vibe of an image. Using shadows can create distinct lines, while “soft lighting” can create a clear image.


If shooting with a DSLR, there are three factors that contribute to exposure: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Some describe exposure as a door in the following ways:

Aperture: How wide the door opens (more light is let in)

Shutter speed: How long the door stays open for (how long light is let in)

ISO: Light sensitivity

These are a few easy steps to curate content like a pro!

Rathyna GomerComment