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What Makes a Bedroom Instagrammable?

Influencers across various industries are sharing what it takes to design a bedroom that is not only “Instagram-worthy” but also something that makes them feel cozy when they’re spending time in their rooms. Some individuals have hired designs, others have dragged their significant others into the process, while others have jumped into the unknown world of interior decor and surprised themselves in a big way.

See how some of the bedrooms turned out —>

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This Lawyer Helps to Protect Influencer Profits

Shay M. Lawson is an intellectual property attorney who is focused on protecting people’s passions (and profit) through copyrights, trademarks, and contract laws.

“The biggest mistake I see creatives making is assuming they’re ‘too small’ to be stolen from or copied,” says Lawson.

Shay also has a passion for making lasting, social changes in the entertainment industry. Read more about what she is doing to help influencers —>

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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Influencer Strategy

Government agencies are now looking to influencers to help with their marketing. Although it is not common practice yet, there are a few things these agencies are looking for in an individual. Here are 5 strategies that will help develop the ideal strategy to work with government agencies:

  1. Understand Your Objectives

  2. Use Social Listening to Find Influencers

  3. Paid vs. Volunteer Influencers

  4. Follow Best Practices

  5. Nurture Your Influencer Community

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