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How do I build an Influencer Media Kit?

A media kit is a promotional tool Influencers and Creatives can use to better market themselves! Ideally, this would showcase who you are, what you do, why anyone should care, and why they want to hire you. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've done it for you. Click here to download.

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How do I get a free hotel when traveling?

As an influencer, you have enough leverage to get yourself a free place to stay while traveling. But how do you convince hotels and resorts you're worth it? Send them an email introducing yourself and attach a pitch deck giving them all the info they need to know about you, your socials, and what you can do for them. A pitch deck is the most professional way to lay out the details of your trip. Don't know how to build a pitch deck? Don't worry, we've made one for you. Enjoy your trip.

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