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How to Travel More, Worry Less, and Eat Right

"To be electric is to be alive," said Giuliani. "We think of it as the energy you bring to a situation. Inherent in that is inspiration. If we focus on being electric, on being positive, then we can inspire others to travel, try new things, and connect with their passion—whatever that might be!"

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Meet The Heart Transplant Survivor Who Is Traveling To All 196 Countries

"My shortened lifespan actually allows me to take more risks and do everything in life I want to do without fear," Marcia said. "Traveling makes me feel happy. It allows me to experience different cultures, and for a time, say, when I’m on a train in Myanmar, or on a mountain in Nepal, or in a temple in India, or on an island in Vietnam, I forget that my life is finite, or limited. I just feel peaceful."

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Creator Jaquory Lunsford Talks How Travel Influencers Can Utilize Airbnb

Jaquory Lunsford, powerhouse social media creator and influencer with a garnered reach of 61.2K+ followers on Instagram alone, spoke to Influencer News exclusively on the ways in which creators, travel influencers, and photographers alike can utilize Airbnb’s online hospitality services as their secret weapon for strategic content creation.

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