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Meet The Heart Transplant Survivor Who Is Traveling To All 196 Countries

"My shortened lifespan actually allows me to take more risks and do everything in life I want to do without fear," Marcia said. "Traveling makes me feel happy. It allows me to experience different cultures, and for a time, say, when I’m on a train in Myanmar, or on a mountain in Nepal, or in a temple in India, or on an island in Vietnam, I forget that my life is finite, or limited. I just feel peaceful."

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How To Make Money As An Influencer

At only 21 years old, Hildebrand has transformed his social media presence into an aesthetically-pleasing ticket to entrepreneurship. As an influencer, he has turned his personal image and style of content creation into a brand in and of itself — a brand that other brands are excited to work with. Hildebrand sat down with Influencer News to share how he has utilized his influencer status to become financially independent.

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Creator Vs. Influencer: Interview With Instagram-Famous Artists Jerry Maestas and Derrick Freske

In an exclusive video with Influencer News, two young and budding Los Angeles-based photographers, Jerry Maestas (89.2k on Instagram) and Derrick Freske (346k on Instagram), open up about the challenges of navigating the ever-blurring lines between creator and influencer in Instagram's vibrant artist community. 

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