The Official Mobile Creator Gear Guide 1.0

Segment 1.0

As a creator, you always have your camera on you, but there are some instances where you can’t bring along a hefty DLRS or mirrorless camera. Don’t let that put a damper on your content game. We carry powerful and comparable cameras around with us everyday — our phones. Use the gear in this guide make your phone photography and video content stand out from the crowd.

Must-Have Gear

This is a handheld smartphone gimbal that lets you capture buttery, smooth footage. It has great features like ActiveTrack, Motionlapse (which controls the panning motion during a steady timelapse), Hyperlapse, and Zoom Control. All of these can be controlled with the onboard controls for panning, zooming, and recording. We covered all of these features in our write-up on the Insta360 One, but if you’re on-the-go and don’t want to bring an extra camera with you, this is a great option. With a 15 hour battery life you don’t need to charge it often and can just throw the case in your gear bag and be ready to capture hours of footage.

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 demo: The Verge 

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 demo: The Verge 

These lenses require a proprietary case, but believe me, it’s worth it. They give you that extra edge when it comes to mobile creativity. They have a whole suite of lenses to match whatever creative venture you’re embarking upon:

  • The Super Fisheye gives you a 170-degree field of view for $89.99

  • The Wide gives you a crazy wide 18mm focal length for $99.99

  • The Telephoto stretches the standard focal length to 60mm so you don’t need to rely on digital zoom for $99.99

  • The Macro lets you get up close and personal with a subject and works from less than an inch away for $89.99

  • The newly announced Anamorphic lens really ups your cinematography levels to near professional-grade for a whopping $119.

As mentioned above, all of these require Moment’s Case for $29.99. They make the case for iPhones, Galaxy phones, and Pixel phones. The price of entry isn’t cheap, but the results are stellar.

This is the craziest, most versatile little light I’ve ever used. It’s waterproof, shock proof, and nearly indestructible. It pairs to a number of devices over bluetooth, allowing fully-adjustable flash duration and brightness control. With bluetooth syncing, you can even control multiple Lume Cubes at once to fully control lighting conditions. 

Rode VideoMicro: Rode Microphones

Rode VideoMicro: Rode Microphones

The quickest way to have someone bounce from your video is poor audio. The Rode VideoMicro with its wind muff will give you crispy and clear audio straight from your phone. You can pair it the TRS to TRRS Patch cable for $15 to make the mic work with your phone, and the included cable works with DSLRs and other large cameras with mic jacks.

The Pixi EVO will give you that extra bit of versatility you need. Throw the Manfrotto TwistGrip on here and you have the option to use it as a tripod for the added stability, or you can collapse the legs for a perfect handle for handheld operation. There are a number of similar options out there, but this is an excellent choice. 

The Manfrotto TwistGrip is the least sexy piece of gear on this list, but it's essential. It’s a phone mount with a 1/4” mounting and has a cold shoe on the top to mount a light, like the LumeCube, or a mic, like the Rode VideoMicro.

Must-Have Apps

VSCOCam offers a wide variety of filters and granular development options to get your photos looking just the way you want them.

The mobile version of the premiere photo processing app for desktop doesn’t offer quite as many options, but it’s still incredibly powerful. The app paired with Creative Cloud means your photos are always available to you wherever you are.

FilmicPro is the app of choice for professionals doing video work on mobile. It offers incredible manual controls, color profile controls, and so much more. If you’re looking to make professional video content from your phone, this should be your go-to app. 

FilmicPro screengrabs: Apple APP Store 

FilmicPro screengrabs: Apple APP Store