5 Ways For Influencers To Secure A Fashion Week Invitation

By: Rina Rock

The heart of runway season is now upon New York, London, Paris and Milan. For fashion-loving content creators, bloggers and photographers in the social media space, being extended an invite to the biggest shows in the industry is an absolute dream. 

The question is, then, how does one get their hands on a golden ticket if they're not yet well-established in the fashion world?


The answer is simpler than you'd think, especially for those who run successful fashion-centric social media pages, blogs or sites. As a fashion content creator and blogger myself, I have been able to attend the last five London and Paris seasons due to being an influencer. 

Here are five tips for influencers wanting to secure their invitations to Fashion Week: 

1. Apply For Accreditation As An Influencer

The official web pages for each of the Fashion Weeks should have an accreditation application exclusively meant for 'bloggers and digital influencers.' 

For London in particular, the British Fashion Council will personally review your online application for an invitation, if only you meet certain stipulations. For instance, a minimum of 35,000 followers on Instagram, over 15,000 unique monthly viewers on blogs, or a minimum of 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. And, of course, regular fashion content throughout all social accounts. 

2. Reach Out To A Designer's PR Team

While designers can't worry themselves with attendee lists before important runway shows, many have PR teams that are devoted to managing their influencer invitees. Directly reach out to these teams via email and pitch why you'd like to attend their show, whether it be to create amazing content, to write a blog review, to learn more about the fashion industry firsthand, etc. Don't just send one or two emails — approach every designer on the schedule and you could be successful.

For those who are in London in particular, apply for an invitation through Fashion Scout designers. They are happy to work with anyone with a love of fashion, even students.

3. Volunteer

During preparations, every designer or agency needs an extra pair of hands to help put on a successful show. Find a contact on their team and ask about signing up as a volunteer — you'd be surprised by how receptive some can be. There is also something incredible about witnessing a runway show from backstage, getting to experience everything behind-the-scenes. 

For those who dream of entering the fashion industry one day, volunteering is a great way to network and foster some important connections. 

4. Discover The Venue And Show Up Early

A few years ago at London Fashion Week, the organizers let those without invitations sit in on the shows that weren't overcrowded. While this very rarely happens with more distinguished brands, plenty of opportunities can arise for those who are deft enough to show up early and wait in the wings, especially with a camera and a cool look. 

5. Freelance For A Fashion Blog

Covering Fashion Week as a blogger isn't only a great way to cushion your portfolio, but it can also open up opportunities for backstage access if you’re accredited. If you don’t run a high-profile fashion blog yourself, reach out to the blogs that are and ask if they need someone to write about Fashion Week. If so, you can enter as a photographer or a journalist with a press accreditation.


Rina Rock is a Lithuanian-born, London-based fashion and lifestyle content creator. Follow her European travel adventures on her Instagram: @iriwkis


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