Creator Vs. Influencer: Interview With Instagram-Famous Artists Jerry Maestas and Derrick Freske

By: Alyssa Jorgensen with Stewart Clementz

In an exclusive video with Influencer News, two young and budding Los Angeles-based photographers, Jerry Maestas (89.2k on Instagram) and Derrick Freske (346k on Instagram), open up about the challenges of navigating the ever-blurring lines between creator and influencer in Instagram's vibrant artist community. 

Maestas, an Arizona native, finds his inspiration where '70's-'80's nostalgia and high fashion meet. His Instagram page's visual storytelling is a fusion between the muted, soft tones of an old film camera and a masterful understanding of how vintage fashion and scene composition work in tandem to capture the essence and emotion of a fleeting moment. 

Freske, originally from Michigan, stunningly harnesses the evocative and sensual aesthetic of a colorful melodrama through his photography. Glitter-clad models, couture poses, neon glows, disco tones, and the flair of playful photo manipulation here and there, Freske expertly crafts a narrative of equally theatrical and climactic proportions fit for top-tier editorial photography. 

Both youthful, determined, and inventive, the two artists and friends bounce their personal stories of arising to professional and artistic prominence off each other. In the video above, join Maestas and Freske as they elaborate on their lifestyles of shooting with Los Angeles' top models and influencers, working with brands, creating and sharing authentic art they are proud of, and the struggles of balancing these different identities in the ever-evolving sphere of social media.