Kristoffer Forby: How To Live Every Day Like It's Friday

By: Alyssa Jorgensen



After speaking with Kristoffer Forby, one of Denmark's premier fashion models with the face of a neoclassical figure sculpture and the soul of a bohemian thrill-seeker, there was one clear, concerted, and quite beautiful takeaway from our conversation: Forby does not work, he lives. 

Ever since Forby was discovered by the Fifth Avenue Barneys story manager on a trip to New York City in 2015, his life has been an adventure movie in fast-forward. He has since modeled for some of the world's leading brands — Nike, Adidas, ASOS, and Daniel Wellington are in the mix — as well as founded his own production company, started a fashion brand, grown his Instagram account to an upwards of 600,000 followers, and journeyed around the world along the way. 

The Scandinavian model exudes the sunny energy of a surfer, possesses a genuine gratitude for the lifestyle he gets to lead, and views the world around him through a refreshingly optimistic and uncomplicated lens. 

"In Kristoffer's world, it's always Friday," Forby replied when I asked him to tell me a bit about himself. Exclusively for Influencer News, Forby opened up about how he leads a free-spirited, unapologetic life. 

IN: Tell us a bit about yourself — who you are, what do you do, where you're from, and what your passions are: 

KF: My name is Kristoffer, and I'm a 21-year-old Scandinavian model traveling the world while having a blast recording it all into small music videos. I’m originally from Denmark, but intend to live and stay where I find it most exciting across the globe. My passion is literally to get the most out of life while recording it, and to produce visuals that I believe are art in their own way. Also, I never ever want to feel like it’s Monday morning. In Kristoffer's world, it’s always Friday (laughs).

IN: What inspired you to share your personal journey with social media? Specifically on Instagram?:

KF: I just wanted to showcase what I believe in. Back when I started, it was more about fashion and how to combine different genres of clothing. However, though it has changed a bit, it’s still the same message: just showcasing what I believe in. With that being said, Instagram is definitely not my entire world. Instagram and YouTube are fun but not necessarily what I use most of my time on. 

IN: You have been everywhere over the last year — Denmark, LA, Australia — tell us about the places you’ve visited around the world, and how you have funded a lifestyle full of travel, videography, and fashion:

KF: To be honest, I love L.A. the most. Australia and Bali are beautiful too, but I could never make a living there. It’s too quiet. L.A. is the perfect base. Flying out from there to the countries I’d like to experience and collect some memories for life is the perfect thing for me, I guess. I fund pretty much everything through shoots as a model and by producing some short campaign videos. 

IN: You have some fantastic photo and video content on Instagram — how did you get started with content creation? What equipment do you use, where do your ideas come from, and what types of influencers or creators do you enjoy collaborating with?: 



KF: The equipment varies a lot, depending on which projects I’m up for and which people I work with. My ideas just pop up, literally. I guess I’m very spontaneous and just want to have a good time. There are no limits, just a sky free of clouds and good vibes. I enjoy collaborating with everyone who consists of passion or just good vibes, besides being skilled, of course.

IN: You have started your own clothing line and YouTube channel this year — tell us about how those projects are coming along. How did you transform from influencer to entrepreneur?:

KF: I've never been anything else than an entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to inspire with what I believe in and how things should be done according to my crazy brain. The YouTube is slowly coming along and the clothing line is on pause at the moment because of time issues. I’m designing for a few brands though, which collections are about to be launched.

IN: How do you define yourself? As a creator, as an influencer, as a model, as a fashion designer, or a bit of them all?: 

KF: I don’t define myself as a profession. I define myself as a young man loving every second of life, wanting to create unforgettable memories with the people I like. What I intend to do through the things mentioned above is once again just to inspire and produce some fun stuff I believe in.