How @feelgoodfoodie works with brands through her food blog

Many food bloggers have found that charging a brand for a shoutout on their socials is the easiest way to monetize their account. It may seem like authentic content because it's just another picture of someone's detox tea or food brand, however it dehumanizes your account. Your followers don't want to follow a bag of matcha tea, or a juice pressing device, they want to know about the person using it: You!

Yumna Jawad, the owner of the Instagram @feelgoodfoodie, originally took the approach of posting product photos for brands, but realized she wasn't building her own brand by doing that. Yumna decided to start actually making videos of herself cooking with product, or showcasing how she used it! Her content became much more natural and believable, and her followers and clients were both satisfied with this method. So next time a brand reaches out and sends product, show your followers why you really love the product, rather than what the product is!

CommunityAlyssa Jorgensen