4 Things Needed to Build an In-House Influencer Marketing Team

An overwhelming majority of brands have reported that their influencer marketing workload has risen. With that being said, it’s vital to have a strong strategy in place that can be scaled for success. Their are at least four necessary components needed in building a successful influencer strategy:

  1. The Team

  2. The Tools

  3. The Money & Metrics

  4. Building and Testing Influencer Funnel

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7 Key Stats for Influencer Marketing in 2019

With influencer marketing on the rise in 2019, what trends should brands be looking out for? Here are 7 key stats to be watching for this year:

  1. Influencer marketing is projected to become a 10 billion dollar industry by 2020.

  2. Transparency & authenticity are key factors in influencers’ success.

  3. Over a third of Instagram accounts with over 15k followers are influencers.

  4. Almost half of marketing are concerned with fraudulent influencer activity concerning bots.

  5. About a fifth of young adults have made a large purchase because of an influencer.

  6. Most marketing believe that being able to measure ROI will determine the future of influencer marketing.

  7. Engagement is the biggest measure for influencer marketing.

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Best Practices for Using "Stories" on Social Platforms

Social media has become the easiest ways for brands to reach customers in their everyday lives. Stories are now meeting the needs of the high demand of relevant and current content from consumers. Stories became popular in Snapchat, eventually taking over Instagram, and now Facebook.

Stories are just another form of digital and visual story-telling which brands have seen success with. Before considering using Stories, check out these three tips on how to put together an effective strategy —>

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10 Things to Check Before Partnering with an Influencer

New studies are showing that it may be more effective for a brand to work with “smaller” influencers who have a specific niche. The potential problem with influencers who have a smaller audience is that they may not have a marketing strategy in place and could be lacking industry knowledge overall.

Here is a quick guide on how to make sure the right influencer is being selected for a marketing campaign —>

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The Secret Behind Nano-Influencers

The term “influencer” can be based on several criteria, typically having what’s considered a “large” following. A nano-influencer, is an individual with a following between 1,000-5,000 people. The ideas behind this is that the following is more niche, and the influencer is also more in tune with her or her followers.

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Rathyna GomerComment
How 1 Million People Helped Build A Lifestyle On Your Wrist

Since its launch 5 years ago, MVMT has sold over 1 million watches spanning over 160 countries with no outside investment. This week, thanks to the development of avant-garde social media marketing strategies and an entourage of brilliant content creators, the company officially hit its 1-million-follower milestone on Instagram. 

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YouTube’s Power Comes From Its Creators, And It Can’t Forget That

YouTube’s power doesn’t come from it’s ability to let us upload videos to internet — lots of websites offer that same service. The power comes from us, the community of creators. They need to remember that and continue to act in the good faith of the creators.

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How to Travel More, Worry Less, and Eat Right

"To be electric is to be alive," said Giuliani. "We think of it as the energy you bring to a situation. Inherent in that is inspiration. If we focus on being electric, on being positive, then we can inspire others to travel, try new things, and connect with their passion—whatever that might be!"

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Meet The Heart Transplant Survivor Who Is Traveling To All 196 Countries

"My shortened lifespan actually allows me to take more risks and do everything in life I want to do without fear," Marcia said. "Traveling makes me feel happy. It allows me to experience different cultures, and for a time, say, when I’m on a train in Myanmar, or on a mountain in Nepal, or in a temple in India, or on an island in Vietnam, I forget that my life is finite, or limited. I just feel peaceful."

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Kristoffer Forby: How To Live Every Day Like It's Friday

"I don’t define myself as a profession. I define myself as a young man loving every second of life, wanting to create unforgettable memories with the people I like."

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