Give the Influencer Some Freedom

There is a happy medium that brands should strive for when it pertains to working with influencers. It can be a little daunting at times having to “babysit” an influencer with their marketing efforts for a specific band or product. When there are zero guidelines, there is a risk of the influencer compromising the brand’s name. However, the response to guidelines and complete freedom should not be to implement strict rules and extremely specific guidelines. This can hinder the marketing effort itself and make it sound too “sponsor”-like. The consumer/fan could catch wind of this and then the influencer could lose credibility.

The fitness brand Bootea learned the danger of giving an influencer too much structure. The brand joined forces with Scott Disick and provided him verbiage to use in his post about the protein shakes. Although it was likely an innocent mistake, Disick included the instructions in his post!