Track Sales with Custom Discount Codes

Working with influencers can be a confusing concept especially if a brand hasn’t taken this approach in the past. Influencer marketing is not simply giving away product and then hoping their fans will somehow stumble upon your page or product. Effective influencer marketing strategies will drive fans from the influencer’s page into buying a product.

A good measure of how well your influencer marketing strategies may be working is to associate sales directly from influencer referrals. The easiest way is to do this is to offer a custom discount or promo code that the influencer can use to promote the product on their platforms. For example, hypothetical influencer John Smith wants to promote a new jacket he received from an apparel company. He can promote the product with a custom code “JohnSmith20” for 20% off for anyone who uses the code at checkout. Not only does this provide a discount for the consumer, but it incentivizes fans to check out the brand’s store, and it provides a way for the brand to associate sales directly with an influencer.

Rathyna GomerComment